Bells' Ls Driving School : Newton Abbot, Devon

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  Can you provide assessment lessons so I can try things out for myself first.

  Yes, we do. Most students find a 1.5 hour assessment lesson is a brilliant way to start.  

  Do you cater for young drivers (under 17)?

  Definitely, lessons are taken on a private course with a simulated road layout, with no traffic.  

  How many hours of lessons should I have per week?

  This question is totally dependent on the individual and how quickly they are wanting to learn. We normally suggest lessons of 1.5 hours at a time, as through past experience We have noticed that concentration tends to lapse before a 2 hour lesson is complete. Once again though this varies from pupil to pupil. The number of lessons per week will depend on how quickly you are wanting to get to test standard.  

  What information do I need to get my Provisional Driving Licence?

  I would definitely recommend looking at Gov.UK for this as it will provide the most up to date information, it even allows you to apply online.  

  How many lessons will I need to pass my driving test?

  This is probably the hardest question we get asked and is difficult to answer. Everybody learns at different speeds and no two pupils are the same.  

  How much do the lessons cost?

  The lesson rates will vary as to whether you are going to 'pay as you go' or whether you want to block book. Discounts are given on block bookings of 10, 20 or 30 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about the different rates available to you.  

  What do I need before I start to drive?

  The only thing you need to start to drive is a Provisional Driving Licence. You can obtain a Form D1 at most Post Offices or apply online. You will be asked to provide original documents to accompany the Form.  

  What literature do I need for my theory test?

  There are many different books and cd roms which are very useful. The Highway Code is the book that most people have heard of, but that on its own will not cover everything you need to pass your theory test. Please visit the TSO Shop for relevant literature.  

  Do I need to pass my theory before I start to drive?

  No. In fact it can be helpful if you have had some driving experience before you sit your theory test as practical knowledge can help you to understand the theory.  

  Where are the theory tests held?

  You can either sit your theory test in Torquay or Exeter, whichever is most convenient.  

  Can you book my theory & practical tests for me?

  We have booked many tests both theory and practical for previous students and would be happy to do the same for you. However, if you would rather book your tests yourself then you can visit Gov.UK.